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Valentine Massage Oil Candle - Sit on My Face

Valentine Massage Oil Candle - Sit on My Face

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Light me. Let me melt. Drizzle me all over your body and enjoy a warm, relaxing massage. The naughty gift that keeps giving with the sensual, sweet smell of vanilla and carmelized sugar. Sexy massage candle for warm, melted pleasure at your fingertips. Includes the following cheeky saying "Sit On My Face - I Mean, Happy Valentine's Day."  

  • A warm, melty, coconut oil based massage candle 
  • TSA approved travel sized
  • Made in USA
  • Not latex condom compatible (oil based)


1. Light it & let it melt until a warm pool of oil forms

2. Drizzle slowly, all over the body

3.  Sit back and enjoy the massage

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