The Pleasure Curve Mission

Pleasure Curve was founded on the idea that every body has a right to pleasure, no matter your size, age, gender, or sexuality. As plus sized women ourselves, we found that discussions about pleasure and sexuality were often ‘one size fits all’ and didn’t address the needs and realities of a person living in a larger body.

At Pleasure Curve, we want to open up the discussion of sexuality in a larger body. After all, larger people have the same desires and sexual needs as everybody else. Yet, our society often tells us we are undesirable and undeserving of pleasure.

We hand pick sex toys that work well with curves and celebrate the fat body. Just as no two plus sized bodies are the same, not every sex toy is going to work for every body. What we have done at Pleasure Curve is highlight toys from reputable manufacturers, made of top quality materials, that we feel have the potential to work with the specific needs of a larger body.

Ultimately our goal at Pleasure Curve is to build a community that celebrates pleasure for plus sized people of every race, gender, and sexuality.