The 5 Best Sex Positions for Plus Size People by Sydney Screams

Sydney Screams (they/she) is an award winning plus size, queer adult performer and sex work activist. Sydney believes in creating inclusive, sex positive porn that depicts pleasure in an authentic way, stepping outside of the stereotypes that have existed for decades. Outside of performing, Sydney is an avid sex toy collector, baker, cook, and pet parent. Follow Sydney on TwitterInstagram and their blog, or check out their scenes here.  


If you’ve never had sex with a plus size person, you’re missing out. There’s a reason that so many people delightfully brag about having “more cushion for the pushin” -  fat naturally creates a pillowy surface that allows lovers to indulge in pleasures that simply aren’t the same with a skinny body. Whether it’s the sensation of feeling extra weight on top or visually appreciating your lover’s plumpness as it jiggles and moves, sex with a fat person just hits different!   

But with that extra soft cushion comes a different challenge: finding positions that work. Big butts, thick thighs, and squishy bellies are sexy, but can intimidate some if they’ve never experienced sex with a plus size person before. Heck, even some plus size people feel intimidated having sex with a skinnier bodied person! That’s why we’re here: to help plus size people find the pleasure they deserve. Now, let’s get down and dirty, and talk about the best sex positions for plus size people! 




This is a favorite for so many people, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like the view of a juicy butt to get someone going. Doggystyle is a great way to easily vaginally or anally penetrate someone, while providing an easy stabilization for the penetrator. Just grab onto your lover’s hips to stabilize as you get a good rhythm going, allowing them to comfortably relax into the thrusts. Being on hands and knees can be too much for some, which is why the Liberator Jaz positioning cushion is a game changer: by laying on the cushion, it will give you a natural arch to the back that lifts your hips for comfortable access and relieves pressure off the knees. 



If you have a big butt, this one can be difficult for vaginal penetration if your lover isn’t packing some length but it’s worth trying and perfecting. Lay on your side with your knees bent, allowing your lover to slide in from behind. You may need to open the leg that’s on top to give them access, which your lover can support or can be propped up by a pillow. I find that this position almost ends up in a sort of Y shape, with our torsos angled slightly apart, with our legs closer together. 

Prone Bone

Much like doggystyle, this allows for penetration from behind while giving the receiver the ability to relax into a position that doesn’t put strain on their joints. The receiver lays on their stomach with their legs together, or one leg bent in a figure four position, while the giver slides in from behind, straddling either one or both legs. The Liberator Plus Size Wedge cushion really comes in handy here, propping up the hips for easier access. Prone bone is also ideal for g-spot stimulation in a way that doggystyle doesn’t quite hit, while allowing for smaller penis havers to make the most of their length.            


 Mating Press

Similar to missionary, the receiver laysrd if you’re not flexible, but the penetrator will be able to apply pressure to your thighs as they access you. This position naturally opens up for both anal and vaginal by pushing your hips upwards. If you’re worried about having your legs supported, the Saffron Thigh Sling provides extra leg support by limiting downward movement. Alternatively, the Liberator Heart Wedge is perfect for under the butt to help lift hips in the air for easier access. This one also lends itself very nicely to feeling submissive during sex! 



This is perfect for anyone with back issues, as it only requires the receiver to lay on their back with their butt at the end of a surface (bed, countertop, couch, washing machine, etc). The giver will stand for this, supporting the legs of the receiver against their body or bent over their shoulders. It can easily be modified with the Liberator Wedge cushion if the giver needs the receiver’s hips at a higher angle. This one also allows for a smaller penis to maximize its pleasure giving potential. 


Bonus non-penetrative position: 69

All of the positions I’ve shared so far focus on penetrative sex, but there’s one non-penetrative position that is sure to delight the lovers of plus size people: 69. Many lovers of plus size people enjoy the sensation of being pressed beneath their weight, and what better way for them to enjoy that than being able to orally pleasure their partner as their lover does the same in return. This one incorporates the love of queening with weight play while allowing both parties to simultaneously give and receive. The person on the bottom can use a Liberator Humphrey Pillow to lift their hips to allow for easier access to the person on top, preventing back and neck strain. 


Remember that sex should always be fun and playful and make everyone feel good. Whether you’re plus size or you’re interested in having sex with someone whose plus size, we hope that you find this guide helpful! We’re curious what your favorite sex positions are, so drop a comment to share!

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