Life is better with lube

Life is better with lube 

There’s often stigma and shame around a person’s need, or desire to use lube. This is particularly true for women since it is expected that our vaginal secretions should naturally be the tell-tale sign of our arousal.

As many of us have experienced, soaking the sheets isn’t always an easy accomplishment. We may not get as wet as we’d like due to hormone levels, our state of physical and mental health, and quite frankly, with how in the mood we are. Where you are in your menstrual cycle, your age, medication and what sexy signals may be firing in your brain makes a significant difference.

We at Pleasure Curve are here to sing the praises of personal lubricant and encourage using it during every intimate encounter. Even if your love juices are overflowing, adding just a little takes your pleasure to another level. 

We Recommend:

Intimate Armor 

Lube acts as a cushion between body parts and toys that may come in contact with your most sensitive spots. It can help prevent micro tears and chafing from the friction, and at times intensity of it all. 

It goes without saying that always, always, always use lube during anal sex. Rectal tissue is thin and sensitive and your butt, unlike a vulva, is not self lubricating. You need A LOT of lube to make anal sex more comfortable and enjoyable. 

We Recommend: 

From Zero to Go

Foreplay is fun and all but sometimes it’s just a quickie you crave. Lube can save the day when things heat up quickly. When your body is a beat behind your brain, it can help your anatomy align with your fantasies and desires, or the pleasure your partner is eager to give. Applying lube allows for ease of insertion and creates more glide so you can get right down to the good stuff.

New sensations 

Adding lube offers a new kind of pleasure both in terms of sensation and appearance. Lube makes things a little messier and sexier. There’s something incredibly appealing about seeing your partner’s erogenous zones glistening in this liquid gold.

Did you know that lube can even add a little temperature play? Cooling lubes heighten your arousal by creating a thrilling tingly effect. Warming lubes help turn up the heat and feel so sexy and sensual. 

We Recommend: 

Eat dessert first 

Orgasms a la mode anyone? Flavored lube makes oral more exciting. The ones available at Pleasure Curve are kissable and lickable, and best of all, sugar free!

You get to ‘eat’ dessert without the calories. While they are deemed edible, we don’t recommend ingesting lube in large quantities. Try mixing and matching flavors and bliss out with butterscotch and birthday cake or chocolate and cherries.

We recommend: 


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